Monday, June 25, 2018

Stitched Photoscapes workshop with NTGM

I've received more photos of finished work from the Stitched Photoscapes class I taught at the  Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan (NTGM, in May. I've put together another composite photo of 12 of the finished pieces.

I'm highlighting a few of them below, to point out, for example, the interesting and creative effect that an off-center photo can have:
Here, also, are examples of how the same photo, used with different backgrounds and/or borders, can produce different results (either slight, or more drastic):

And here's a piece that was done using the techniques I taught, but with subject matter other than a landscape.  Animal and plant focal points work well with this too!

Thanks for a great workshop, NTGM!

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