Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Landscape Quilts

Over the last 4-5 years of  experimenting with various art quilting methods and techniques, I've developed a technique of my own that has proven to be quite popular (if sales in shops and galleries are anything to go by). 

Briefly described, my photo landscapes start out as digital photos printed onto inkjet printing fabric.  I center (fuse) the photo onto a fabric background, and extend elements from the photo onto the background fabric, then stitch the whole thing to make it all blend in.  This technques lends itself well to most landscape photos, so I've done a fair bit of custom orders using other people's photos as well.

A lot of my work sells in pictoresque and touristy areas of the East Coast of Canada.  While living in the area a few years ago, I gathered a collection of photos of local scenery, which I've worked into my East Coast series of photo landscapes.  Here's just a few:


Here in Windsor, where I now live, I became inspired by a series of trees (mostly maples) one spring day walking around my neighbourhood.  This resulted in my Olde Riverside tree series:

And, on a trip to Bayfield, Ontario, I was inspired by a mulberry tree, which made it's way into another series of tree quilts: