Friday, July 5, 2013

Mayfly raggy quilt

I don't make bed quilts very often (one every 3-4 years, it seems!).  I made one last week, though, as a retirement gift for my dear friend and former professor and mentor, Lynda Corkum.  Lynda initiated me into the world of bugs (when I'm not quilting, I work as a biologist, and study aquatic insects and other invertebrates).  The project I worked on, under Lynda's supervision many years ago, involved mayflies (or what are commonly known around Southern Ontario as Fish flies, or June bugs).  So my quilt for her had to have some on it.  I thread sketched them on, using the bobbin thread on the right side of the fabric, following paper sketches in free-motion quilting (I'm not sure what the name of this particular technique is).  Here are the results:


This mayfly raggy quilt was my second large bed quilt (I've made a number of baby quilts over the years, though).  My first ever, back in 2006, was made out of scraps of silk and satin, pieced and without any frills (this was before I knew how to free-motion quilt).


  1. Free motion quilting is the term you're looking for, and they look cute with the ragged quilt.

  2. Love the thread sketching. I want to make a "Don't Bug Me" quilt for Rondeau Provincial Park's fund-raising for next year but I don't think I have the talent to do what you do. Love it!.

  3. Your fish flies are spot-on. I live on the west side of Lake St. Clair (in the US) and I've seen over 30 seasons of them. Looking forward to your class at NTGM next month.