Monday, August 15, 2011

Mosaic Frenzy

In the summer of last year I took a course in tile mosaics.  The course created a frenzy of tiling over the following months, and it lead to the accumulation of a large selection of variously coloured tiles, glass bits, pebbles, grout and lots of experimentation with them all.


I first made abstract pieces, some of which are meant to be hung and looked at, and some used as hot-pots.

After a while I started making tree pieces (being big on texture, I really liked adding the rocks at the bottom, for an extra dimension).


As a present for a friend's wedding, I made a tree mosaic with an inset quilt. It was quite a challenge to keep the quilt (which I wrapped/glued around a smaller tile before inserting in the middle of the larger mosaic) from getting wet while I grouted the piece, and I'm not sure I'll be trying this again soon!

And, finally, in keeping with the theme of combing tiling with other media, I inserted a plaque (photo of my 3-year old nephew Jaxon) in the middle of a tile mosaic.  Much easier combining laquered wood and tile, than quilted fabrics and tile!

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