Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fabric Bowls - Again

In anticipation of new classes I'm going to be teaching over the next week or so, I've gone back to making fabric bowls again (it's been years!). 

This is a piece I call "Molten", and it's a simple beginner's bowl, with straight darts and edges, and only slight embellishment (its size and dimensions make it more of a tray than a bowl).

And this one ("Orbits") is more advanced.  The edges are fluted, the darts are curved, and I've both cut holes and appliqued circles to the sides of the bowl.  After more than 3 hours of twisting and turning under the sewing machine, this is what came out (it's alot of fun to view it from different angles):

And this final one is a bit more traditional and symmetrical, in a fluted way:

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